Welding Wire Products

Core Wires

Alloy Chemistry ANSI/AWS/UNS
Ni 99 NiFe3C1 AWS/SFA 5.15 Eni-Cl
Ni-Cu 400 NiCu32.5 -
Ni-Fe 55-60 Ni55-60Fe -

Filler Metals

Alloy Chemistry ANSI/AWS/UNS
Ni 61 NiTi3 A 5.14/ERNi 1 (UNS N02061)
Ni-Cu 60 Ni65CuMn4Al1.2 A 5.14/ERNiCr 7 (UNS N04060)
Cu-Ni  Ni-Cu 67 Cu67Ni30 A 5.7/ERCuNi (UNS C71581)
NiCr 82 NiCr21Mn3Nb2.4 A 5.14/ERNiCr 3 (UNS N06082)
NiCr 625 Ni64Cr22.5Mo9.5Nb4 A 5.14/ERNiCrMo 3 (UNS N06625)
NiCr 276 NiMo16Cr15Fe6W4 A 5.14/ERNiCrMo 4 (UNSN10276)

Iron Clad Nickel Wires

ICN core wires are manufactured by a special cladding process, assuring excellent concentricity between Iron-clad and Nickel-core. Since the electrical and thermal conductivity of the pure components Iron and Nickel are approx. three times higher than those of the NiFe alloy the electrode remains cooler when applying the same energy. this results in the advantage of uninterrupted welding.

  Picture Materials
http://www.vismet.com/images/ironclad.gif Schematic cross section through the ICN core wire Core: Pure Nickel acc. to DIN 17740
Clad: Low carbon ferretic steel
Alloy Chemistry UNS #
ICN 40 NiFe43 -
ICN 43 NiFe45 -
ICN 45 NiFe47 -